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Let’s face it. It is 2022 and more or less everything has gotten digital. In the US, casinos are no exception where more and more states are making both sports betting and real money casinos available online.

The new legislation and digitalization has ushered in a new era for mobile casinos. To avoid confusion, mobile casinos are just the mobile version of the casinos desktop versions where you can play via the browser or in many cases download their app. The purpose of this post is to highlight the benefits of playing online casinos via apps where the main reason is that it is just more convenient and gets you a better user experience than if playing via the browser. That argument can be used for any mobile service so let’s dig a bit deeper in the benefit of casino apps.

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Three pros with online casino apps

At first, playing via an app gives you a more effortless experience. When jumping between different games, claiming campaigns and in many cases just playing the different casino games, an app is to prefer. Often, you will find more functionality built into the app than in the browser version.

Moreover, an app is more convenient when making deposits and withdrawals. Once you have connected your payment method of choice you can make your payments and payouts within seconds and also have your payment details stored in the app.

Lastly, many apps have functions for receiving and keeping track of promotions and bonuses. In the majority of casino apps, you will be able to receive push notifications if you want to. If not, campaigns and other offers will be displayed via notifications in the app.

At Casivo, we have made reviews and listed the best online casino apps in the US. The toplist and more in-depth information about online casino apps you can find here.

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